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New Years Eve Fish

When I see people these days, I feel like a fish.
I feel like am in a big aquarium.
People stop to watch me.
Some of them stare with wonder, some say ‘poor thing, it’s a pity he is in there’ – thanks to their kindness.
Others say ‘he deserves it, this bowl is too good for him’.

No one knows that you get fried and shed skin, a hundred times a day, in the bowl.
Hard to believe, but it is more like dying than living.

What is the difference? Whether in a bowl or in a sea, it’s all about water, and only water. You are swimming in time, whether in a sea or a dream.

In the bowl, people’s looks tie and untie in your eyes like a shoe lace.
They remind you everyday, who you are and where you are.

Lets move on…

This new year was a bit different. I don’t know why we people always look for differences… I was lost in the differences too when she gave me my first new year present and reminded me I exist.

She had arranged 7 for me, but I only had one salute:

Salute to the mirror that showed me a reflection of a different me.
Salute to the person who reminded me of the fresh colours of white poplar trees.
Salute to the greenness of spring, where no flowers of regret are to be grown.
Salute to the dim light of a candle in the distance, however small but full of potential and eagerness to become a butterfly.
Salute to the sweetness of an innocent smile.
Salute to freedom, even as short as a dream.
Salute to the people I don’t know, but smell like a soul alive.

Manus Island 27 months

I am a Helpless Person

Your policy is giving me
a stressful situation at this moment.
I have no strength to
stand up to you.
You have covered my way
in your fence.
I am now in this dusty place –
A frustrated man.
I feel this place is a funeral parlour.
I have almost given up hope.
Extreme pain is
filling my heart every day.
Now uncountable troubles
surround me…
I feel tired and impatient.
I have nothing to do here.
I cry to you from the
bottom of my heart.
Here my plans have failed within me.
I know you are not brutal.
I have bulimia with my life.
Can you feel it?

I have a burden on my shoulders
Can you see it?
It is like capital punishment.
My life has capsized like a boat.
Show me your sympathy for my life.
I am here a helpless person…

– Ravi,
Nauru detention 2 years

I drench your feet with my tears

I am poor and needy,
my heart stricken within me.
I am gone like an evening shadow.

My body is a ghost.
My eyes are awake
before the watchers of the night.

When can I see my family again?
I am counting the days.
They stretch before me without end.

I have nothing within me
but hopes, dreams and sorrows.

Look on my affliction.
Send your light to my darkness.
You are my protector at the moment

Give me your hand
Counsel me
and attend to my cries.

Grant me justice.
Hear my voice.
Deliver me from this prison.

Though I am shaken off like a locust
Rise within me.

Nauru detention 2 years


When I look at the moon on the sky

I want to kiss it,

but it says I am very high.

I want to say I love you

but it says ‘you are telling a lie’.

I asked the moon ‘how I will get to you?

Because I did many times try’.

The moon replied ‘if really you love me

what you can do to reach on the sky?’

I told it ‘I can do everything for you

even I can be die..!’

Moral:- I really love my MOTHER

– Jajee
Fly Camp, Nauru

Written in May 2015

It is the same day [anniversary] I released from Australia immigration detention centre. It means I have been suffering for one year on Nauru and i was in detention for 9 months

All together i been for 21 months in Nauru

I don’t know about myself. There’s some questions in my mind but i am sure no body will answer me

  1. Am i criminal?
  2. Am i not human?
  3. i saved my life – is this the reason ?

– Shah
Fly Camp, Nauru

A Story of my School Time

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton is sending a group of refugee to Cambodia. Same asylum sekeer who came on same date and in same boat and in same policy are now in Australia. When I see these situations so I remember one story of my school time.

Once upon a time there was one king who had 2 sons. The king was mercy on younger son and he was stressing the importance on his younger son to keep hard working and giving good education to him. The king looked after him in feeding – giving good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever his son was asking the king was ready to provide him.

But the elder one, he was also his son. But the king was doing treatment as a unloved step son. No education. Bad environment and even not good feeding. The king was telling to his elder son you will look after the home whatever we have you should be responsible for it. You must look after the animals too and you will give grass, water and every things. At last the king was treating his elder son as a slave. Even though he knew that both of his sons are from one mother.

The king was not doing fair with his elder son. The king was not doing equality. It means the elder son did not get justice from his father.
Human rights the king was giving to his younger son but elder one didn’t get.

Moral : Might is Right

Now if some one have mind so they will understand. I think that there is no need for explanation.

What’s going on it’s not fair, it’s not humanity and it’s not justice.

Fly Camp, Nauru