How to make posters and charts?

How to make posters and charts?

Classrooms do not have lectures and homeworks, students have to do a lot of things to get marks. They have to

  1. Be present everyday
  2. Take part in class discussions,
  3. Make assignments
  4. Give presentations, and 
  5. Prepare charts and posters.

Charts and posters are not easy to make. It requires a lot of effort. And most of the time, only class’ artists are able to paint jaw-dropping pictures and sceneries on them to make everyone to say WOW on it but it can be made easy by using a few techniques and smart ways. 

First of all, divide the chart in four parts if its size frightens you. Division will less your fear and make you to do your task well. Draw a straight line from pencil vertically in centre then draw another line horizontally in the centre. 

After dividing the chart, make a line at the top to write the heading or title of the chart. Try to write it in bigger size. It should be written first with pencil in creative way then paint it or market on it with black and fill it with different colours. You can use copic markers in UAE as there is a big shop of it, or poster colours or bold markers to make the heading look attractive. 

After heading, write the remaining text in different areas. You can draw clouds or shape of books and write the test in it to make the chart engaging and make it look like the advertisement board. Write text in bigger size but it should be smaller than heading. You can write it with black marker to add some decency or you can prefer blue marker to make it easier for everyone to read it easily from all corner but try to avoid add detailing and designs in text otherwise it will be too showy. 

After text, draw some pictures and add detailing to make it look amazing. It is better to add borders or paint corners with different colours to make your teacher to give you extra marks on your hard-work. You can even make a scenery on remaining chart to turn a piece of hard paper into a decoration piece for your class which make student to laminate it and then paste it in class. You can even contact spray paint suppliers in Dubai to make your chart better.

So, these are few techniques to make chart easily.