Exercising at any age is a good practice. But you shouldn’t be practicing when you are in a specific situation like if you have a broken bone, you are temporary or permanent sick or if you are pregnant. But since this topic is about the blessed women during the magical period they are going through, we have discussed and verified these pro tips for our future moms. Exercising during pregnancy is a good idea and a thing which should be promoted. This has become famous very recently because in the last few decades people and even doctors used to say that women exercising during these days can cause harm to the child and may cause different problems at the time of delivering the baby. But the fact is totally the opposite because women in the past gave birth to many children and this was because they used to work at the farms and even climbed mountains. 

Early on Facebook, a video of a woman wen viral via CCTV footage, while she was crossing a road, it seemed that she is 9 months pregnant and she had carried a lot of small bags. And all of a sudden, she stopped and gave birth right in the middle of the road. She had small pieces of cloth which she wrapped it around the baby and clipped the amical cord with a clipper, wrapped herself with a shawl and started walking again. And when this woman was interviewed later, she told the media that she worked each and every day while pregnancy and that is why she didn’t have any kind of pain. But every body is different and has different needs, women who don’t work can do exercise as well which will help them reduce the daily pains and will prevent them from taking any kind of pain killers which are harmful for the baby as well.  

But some women are weak by birth and when they get pregnant, they cannot do a lot of exercise or feel fatigued if they even have to move a muscle. For them, they can exercise by lifting weight of dumbbells which are of 1 kilogram and they can just walk around the house for 15 minutes or something. In this way, their body will get the exercise it wants. You can click this site to get advices from the best personal trainers in Dubai