6 Steps to Setting up a Business in Dubai

6 Steps to Setting up a Business in Dubai

The establishment of a business in Dubai could be very beneficial as the city has one of the most emerging markets for new businesses. There are many companies that also provide business setup services in Dubai to help you get started with the registration process.

There are some requirements you need to follow to initiate your business in Dubai. However, the process is quick and easy to start and wouldn’t take more than 10-12 days to complete it.

To inform you about the process, we have come up with 6 steps to setting up a business in Dubai to guide you about the process.

  1. Choosing different types of Zone

Before starting your business, you need to know more about the Dubai economic zone and what it offers for business startups. It mainly includes Dubai’s Free Zone, Mainland, and Offshore economic zone.

The Free Zone offers 100% ownership with an easy registration process. For Mainland, it’s important to register with the Department of Economic Development (DED).

People also search for LLC Formation in Dubai or Offshore companies in Dubai to set up their businesses.

  1. Selecting the business category

To get your business registered, you have to make sure about the category of the business. It should be available in the official lists of business activities as elaborated by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  1. Choosing a trading name

The next step is to choose a trading name. The trade name should match the type of services your company plans to offer as there are many rules and regulations related to it and it’s an essential part of the entire business setup.

  1. Completing Legal Requirements

You need to sign some legal forms as per DED to register your business or you can ever hire PRO services to do it for you.

  1. Choosing a Location

Selecting the right premises for your business is equally essential based on the legal form of your business. For this purpose, it’s better to hire the services of an Agent who provides local support and helps you in finding the right business deal.

  1. Submitting all the documents

Make sure you have completed all legal and additional requirements before submitting all the documents and processing all the payments.

Further, you’ll also have to pay a certain amount for your trade license after obtaining a payment voucher within 30 days as it is important to carry out the transaction process.