How much nicotine is there in vape juices?

How much nicotine is there in vape juices?

It is the nicotine that makes everything addictive and must to have. It is the nicotine that is running the whole industry of sheesha and cigars and it is the nicotine which we found in e-cigarette, pod systems, nic salts and vape juice. 

Do you want to know what is vape juice? If yes, then look at this article and give it a read!

What is vape juice?

Vape juice is the mixture of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycerol and food grade. The liquid is inserted in the form of cartridge in e-cigarette and pod system. On switching on the system, a person vape the juice. The can have vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycerol (PG) with food grade. VG is thick due to which more clouds are formed in VG Vape juice than PG Vape Juice. Meanwhile PG is thin due to which less residue is formed. Moreover, VG hit lesser whereas PG hit harder, the sensitive which cigarette lovers love the most.

How much Nicotine is there? 

However, vape juice belongs to nicotine world, it has different kinds on the basis of nicotine. There are many vape juices which have zero percent nicotine. Although, addicted smokers and capers choose vape juice with high quantities of nicotine, it facilitates beginners who vape nicotine free juice firstly and them shift to nicotine mixed vape juices which are more addictive and tasty. Yet, it is added with flavors and food grade to make it flavorsome. After all, it is nicotine that improve the flavor of e-liquid.  Beside nicotine, water is also added to make the drug less harmful because the solvent dilutes the addictive chemical and make it hit less harder on throat and health. 

Why to prefer vape juice over cigarettes?

Cigarettes and cigars have around d 4000 chemicals which make them more harmful and disease-causing while e-liquids have nicotine along with water, PG or VG and food grade that dilute the drug and make it less harmful. Therefore, vaping is still safe and less disease-causing as compared to smoking in which thousands of chemicals are taken inside the body on smoking a single cigar. Although, vaping can make a caper to  cough, it is still safe because it is the VG or PG that make them fought when they hit on their throat otherwise there is nothing harmful in it.

So that’s what I can tell you about vape juices or e-liquid and how they are better than sheesha and cigarettes. The juice have less nicotine and diluted nicotine whereas cigarettes do not have diluted nicotine. So, go out to a vape shop in Dubai mall and get some for you!